West Midland escorts is my shoulder to cry on



I have not been sincere to my children and wife. I was lying to them all the time and my conscience it killing me inside. I saw another girl; her name is Kenna, he is a woman that I meet a long time ago in Japan when I was on a necessary business trip. She was a waitress in the hotel where my friends and I stayed in. She was very young and a good looking girl. I made an effort to make her my friend, but she was playing hard to get. I did not get frustrated, all I could think of is that it was a good idea to get to know her a little more. On my final day in the hotel, I and my colleagues decided to have a drink to celebrate the successful meeting we had with the Japanese company. I asked Kenna if she could come out with us for drinks because it is my last day and I want to have some time with her. Thankfully she agreed to come with me even though she is timid. We had so much fun drinking and singing along. Even Kenna had fun although it is her first time hanging out with me. When we are done drinking, I decided to let Kenna know that I am interested in getting to know her more. I did not say anything about my wife or family that I have back home. We continued our communication with each other when I got back from the country. The more we Skype and communicated, the more I fell in love with her. She was very charming and a proper lady. She was the girl that I desired the most. She told me about some of her financial trouble, her mom and dad stopped supporting her financially, so she had to work hard to live a comfortable life. I understand what she is going through, so I gave her money regularly to help her with the rent and to buy for food. I was very happy to see her every day even though I knew that all I am doing was wrong and it is very unfair to my wife who I also loved. But spending time with Kenna was like a drug for me, it is what makes me happy. After my wife found out about my secret relationship, she left me. She took my kids with her. I booked West Midland escorts to help me find a person to cry on. West Midland escorts from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com gave me hope and helped me persevere. It is the West Midland escorts that served me when I was down.

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